How to improve your morning routine

Being realistic is fundamental. There is no such thing as a perfect morning and you will always find obstacles. Having other people around the house will disturb the perfect flow of morning habits you’ll try to achieve and having a smartphone beeping constantly during those early hours will achieve the same result. The message here is that creating a balanced morning routine isn’t the same as being a morning person, or actually finding a lot of enjoyment and peace in the morning. You should strive for something a little better, or at least more efficiency, and then give yourself a pat on the back for it.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Not everyone is able to start the day off with a smile. You may be going through a hard time. You may be sick, or worried that someone else is sick, or maybe you’ve been through a heartbreaking experience. If you don’t feel joy the moment you wake up, that’s fine. You’ll get through this.

“Planning only prepares you for what you can expect to come ahead” but life will always get in the way. Even if you plan your morning by the minute, there’s almost a one hundred percent guarantee it won’t go exactly like that. The secret here is to learn how to get out of the rut and stay as consistent as is allowed and not as consistent as you want to. Finding at least one or two habits per morning that you need to guarantee that will happen is a way to kickstart your morning. These can change throughout time but will make you feel at least a little bit more accomplished, even if you don’t do anything else. Right now, my two habits that surely happen every morning are exercise and studing. It can be something entirely different for you but what really matters is that you get into a streak of always being able to complete at least one or two habits in your morning routine before you start incorporating more activities.

And of course that the thing that will help you the most in gaining that major motivation boost is trying to make the morning the most creative and ambition-driven part of your day. by finding your passion, you’ll find the fuel you need to be energetic in those early hours. Learning a new skill or a new language, or working on a major project, as practical as it can be, will work as the core of your routine – that passion will justify why you’re waking up so early and all the other small habits will revolve around that major creative outlet as a way to support it. You’ll eat, go on a walk and shower because you want your body to be prepared to engage in a creative or challenging activity; you’ll exercise, clean your house because you want to feel your best and want to prepare the space around you accordingly for that task

You should also remember that planning out your morning routine in your calendar is a good way to make sure that you’re weighing your priorities correctly. Saying “yes” to a new event or a new task to complete is saying no to something else. Piling up things in your schedule because you’re seeking other people’s approval or looking forward to staying busy all the time isn’t a good way to invest your time into a hobby or an activity that actually makes you feel like you’re developing your skills or simply feel joyful. That’s why it’s important to bring at least a little bit of mindfulness to your morning through bullet journaling or morning pages and simply allowing yourself to do other more mundane tasks while being aware of what you’re doing and feeling. Crossing tasks off your to-do list isn’t necessarily a sign of productivity or a successful day – putting mindful thought behind that to-do list and figuring out where it gets you headed is what will help you create a morning that ir worth waking up to.


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