Value of games

Those who are outstanding players in a game the employer would come forward to offer an employment. Thus, it makes one to take a stride with pride.

First of all is very healthy it will give good stamina and strength this in turn increases the blood circulation in the body and keep your mind active. Moreover ,indirectly it enhances the immune system in the body to combat any diseases games played well without fouls make one to be straightforward in principle. Besides, it is very useful Psychology which will take months together for university

apart from these, game promotes teamwork and the law that it warrants make us a disciplined man that is do what you are supposed to do for example your position in the ground like a batsman in cricket how you can make more opportunities that you find , buil tolerance level in you, appreciate your team made for his or her excellence ,feel sorry if you make a mistake , pacify your teammates who committed a mistake as this will develope in you the quality of forgiveness , render first aid to the injured even if he or she belongs to your opponent team.

Never pull a face even if the opponent team wins the match. Instead, analyse with your team members and coach where it went wrong and correct them only experience makes one a good player . It is said by Vince lombardi world famous football coach had said “it is not whether you get knocked down it is wheather you get up that matters”


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