3 tips to help you manage time

Time management tends to be hard, independently on where you’re at life – usually it’s hard because in the beginning you know nothing about time management but as soon as you start mastering your habits, your routine changes because some event in your life forced you to lose track of all of your progress. That’s why it’s important to keep evaluating progress on where and how we’re using our time.

Scheduling should be an integral part of your daily routine and should have its own place in your calendar or task list – yup, that means you should be scheduling when to schedule things in your calendar. It’s the meta concept of making time in your day to make time in your day. But as accustomed as you may be to the act of organizing your work accordingly, re-prioritizing is sometimes the most difficult part of your routine because it’s very easy to fall into that loop of doing things the same way, every day.

1) Revisiting the meta concept of scheduling when to schedule, you should save time in your calendar to get organized every single day – make it a ritual to sit down with your planner or other organization tool and just look at the work you’re currently involved in and checking those milestones.

2) Force yourself to make pauses and start thinking of them as productive work too, as long as they’re controlled and fit your schedule accordingly. Once again, the pomodoro technique incorporates this principle seamlessly by forcing you to make short pauses between bursts of 25 minutes of focused work. The trick here is having truly enjoyable breaks instead of scrolling through your phone or other electronic device without purpose.

3) Limit your work day to avoid working long hours and consequently blur the boundary between productive time and regular home routine. Although it will be impossible to fit everything into a strict schedule day after day, having a stricter schedule, at least by principle, and recording that in your calendar or planner will at least allow you to have a daily end-goal, which will motivate you to work harder to meet that deadline.


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